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Great Week!

We’ve had one healthy baby so far this week , another birth mom in labor today and 2 families matched with birth moms due in Nov and Dec. !

July 2011

I love this signifies “new growth” “rebirth”. That’s exactly what has happened at Sweet Beginnings Adoptions this year. So many exciting things have happened and there’s still more to come: We are working on a new website that will be live in a couple of weeks, one that’s focused on birthmoms and information about adoption. We’ve established several new relationships with Child Welfare workers here in California. I love this the most because it shows that the Social Workers are really thinking about the families and not just the “system”. I had been scheduled to talk at an attorney’s forum a few months ago and it got cancelled and now I’m working on getting that rescheduled. The goal is to let the attorneys who represent families in child welfare know that they can have choices..termination of rights by CPS does not have to be the only way. One of our expectant moms is being featured in a documentary. Not only is this exciting for us, but for her as well because her goal after delivery is to work with woman who have been exploited for prostitution and this may give her a network to spread her word.
We are also working on establishing a non profit organization to provide scholarships for our birthmoms to further their education and provide donations to them for setting up a household.
I’m blessed to be able to do this work and I’m grateful everyday.