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Borrowed Post

Today I’m stealing a post (actually borrowing from our other website – from one of our birth moms.

Abortion vs. Adoption
A smart choice means the good outweighs the bad, and making a smart choice means to consider the long-term effects. So, what about abortion vs. adoption choices?
Well, once upon a time, I had just started a new job, recently moved, and was beginning to find my place within the community when I discovered I was pregnant. I had no trusting support system to call upon, and eventually confided in a co-worker. As days went by, the morning sickness increased enormously and I became too sick to show up for work. The rush of pregnancy hormones clouded my thinking and all I wanted was a quick solution and counseling. My co-worker suggested I call Planned Parenthood. Despite the reporting statistics, and the chance of never being able to conceive again, I decided to get an abortion to make it all go away so I could resume my life, happy & fun as usual. But it was not easy for me and discovering I was pregnant with twins only added major shock value. I chose the medication abortion and experienced mildly painful negative reactions. I was ready for work on Monday but the side-effects still lingered, turning into emotional pain & regret that still manages to surface every now and then today. In my case, I should have considered the statistics since the good did not outweigh the bad. This was not my smartest choice.
Once upon another time, I had just started another new job, was adjusting to a longer commute and in a love/hate relationship, when I discovered I was pregnant. Again, I wasn’t prepared and the pregnancy hormones clouded my thinking but I wanted to explore other options. I decided to do an Open-Adoption plan. The process of an adoption plan is quite an adventure and I experienced every side of it. You can choose to work openly & honestly with your Facilitator (or agency) about what you are looking for in an Adoptive family, and you just might find a perfect match. I didn’t know what I was looking for right away, but after meeting potential families and being open to different family dynamics, the perfect family seemed to appear. Yes, the physical separation is hard and very sad at times, but when I get pictures and updates I can’t help but smile and be excited for her! This joy is so uplifting and inspiring; it definitely outweighs any negative feelings. Every Adoption plan is different; just like any human, but in my case the good outweighed the bad and it turned out to be the smartest choice I ever made.