So Grateful

We had a delivery on Monday. The Birth Mom labored for 24 hours. She handled labor and delivery like she’d done it a hundred times. It was her first. She pushed for an hour and a half and delivered a beautiful baby girl. Perfect – ten fingers, ten toes. Her mom was with her, a good friend of the family and me. I’m so grateful to be able to be a part of this part of life. Grandma held her, mom held her. This I am grateful for because they didn’t think they were going to be able to do this during adoption planning. The adoptive family came in about an hour or so after delivery, they had been traveling from another state to get here. The birth mom and the adoptive mom meet for the first time in the delivery room. For this I am grateful – the birth mom didn’t think she wanted to know who they were. The birth mom invited the adoptive mom to stay overnight with her and care and feed their daughter. For this I am grateful, birth mom didn’t think she even wanted to stay on the postpartum floor let alone room in. Yesterday birth mom and baby were discharged from the hospital, birth moms mom and brothers came to the hospital, met the adoptive parents, held their niece and grand daughter and took pictures. For this I am grateful, the birth family had initially wanted a closed adoption. Yesterday was a very emotional day, birth mom and her mom both feeling the pain of separating, both feeling the pain of knowing that they were making the right decision yet wondering whether they were making the right decision. I feel so very grateful that families allow us to be part of all of this, that I get to spend time with our expectant moms and their families before delivery, that I get to be part of the beginning of life, that I get to help another family hold the baby they have been hoping and waiting for. I feel so very grateful to be a part of these bitter sweet moments. The adoptive family will be back in December and the birth family will get together with them then..for this I am grateful, a new family has been made. There are more people to love this little girl then she knows right now….for this I am grateful.



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