RIP Storm

Yesterday I went out to close up the chicken coop right after dusk. Our chickens free range all day and take themselves in to roost at dusk. We close up the coop with a double latch and we lock up the run so nothing can near the double latched coop door. When I looked into the coop to check on the girls and say good night, there were only two hens? Storm my Rhode Island Red was not in there. We have a big backyard with lots of ivy and it’s dark..but I have to find her because she will get hurt if she’s left out all night, so I start to look with my flashlight ..I found her in the ivy and it wasn’t good. Something had gotten a hold of her and they were no longer hungry. It was horrible. She was my favorite, she was the sweetest and always the first one to find me when I walked into the backyard. While I sat in my house..she was killed and taken as a meal. Our chickens are no longer free range and plans are already in place for a larger enclosed run.

I’m one of those who is a believer in experience/lesson, so of course I’m searching for the meaning in the loss of Storm…yes a chicken. Last year we started to make plans for making changes in the backyard ..we started some things and then the chickens became free rangers and took over everything, they ate all of the garden and they ate everything I planted in pots, so we kinda stopped. Maybe this is our cue to start again. Dean and I are celebrating 30 years of marriage this year and I would love to have a party, so maybe this is the time to start getting ready?

Why is it that we always take for granted that we can put things off, that there will always be a tomorrow or a next week or even a next year. We work and work and say maybe one day? When do we learn that today is the day? Is it negative thing to think that we may not have a tomorrow? Is it wrong to live in the moment, to put everything we have into today? Some pretty heavy thinking all over a chicken?

I love that chicken, but it’s not just her. It’s been a full week of many other emotional hits, some professional, some personal. I just need to sit and figure out what to do with all of these “experiences”. I’m hoping its a vegetable garden, a beehive and a new outdoor pizza oven.



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