Why do you choose an Agency?

I’m sure I’ve written about this before, but it’s a brand new year and it is my blog so I’m allowed. I’m baffled about why someone would chose an agency that has 200-300 families waiting to adopt and commit $10,000.00 of their adoption budget. My hope is that once you have settled on a specific adoption professional you have done some homework, so why that agency? We get hundreds of emails and dozens of phone calls during the week from families that chose a National/Regional Agency and have now been waiting for a year or more without ever being considered once. Then they want us to help and sadly we can’t because they have already invested 1/3 of their adoption budget. So curious is it the thought that a larger agency has more access to networking or advertising? Is it that a larger agency has more accountability? Are you looking for a non profit status? And why is that? When you turn to adoption after infertility why is it that the thought process changes from a for profit physician to a non profit adoption agency? Where do you go first to start your learning process? Friends, books, the internet? Why do you choose International vs Domestic and Private vs Foster? And what are your expectations in the type of match you’ll accept? Why and how did you make those expectations? Do you consider all of these questions when choosing an agency/professional? Do you ask what the wait time is? Have you read that professionals shouldn’t quote waiting times? Do you ask this just to see if they will and then is that a “red flag”? Do you choose an agency/professional based on fees? What do you consider to be a fair fee? Do you think adoption professionals should receive compensation for their work/experience? Why or why not? What about expectant mother expenses? Should mom’s receive living expenses? Why or why not? Why did you choose an agency/professional that you receive a computer generated report from once a month? Does this seem more professional than being able to call, send a email or a text and get an immediate response? What is your adoption plan? I visit a lot of forums and blogs on a weekly basis. I’m always surprised at how long some couples/families wait. Adoption is not easy. It’s not easy for anyone, not the family waiting, the expectant mom and in life – the child. It’s a lifetime journey that starts at the moment you have decided to do it. And just like you needed to educate yourself about infertility..you need to educate yourself about adoption. It’s a process, not an after thought. Sweet Beginnings Adoptions is available for  consultation. If you are considering adoption and want to know exactly what it is and what it isn’t we can help. Call us.


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