Thank you!

As we close up 2012, I am grateful for so many things. The families that we helped to create, the women who we were able to provide support -guidance and respect to, the professionals who listened to us about the “adoption option”, all of the new relationships we have formed, our new Resource Center and a full year with my new partner!
I know I say it all the time, but I do feel truly blessed that we get to do this work, that I get to work side by side with my husband, that our children (all 4) are also involved in different ways, and enjoy being part of Sweet Beginnings Adoptions.

Thank you all for your referrals of new families. Thank you to the Attorneys and Adoption Consultants we have learned to trust and value working with, and thank you all – for your kind words and support just when we need them.

We look forward to assisting more women, children and families in 2013. We look forward to forming more relationships, and we look forward to continuing to provide positive education about adoption. We promise to continue to provide a service that we are proud of..

Happy New Year to all of our Families, Colleagues and Friends!

Dean and Lisa Sweet
Sweet Beginnings Adoptions


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