Scared? Hiding a Pregnancy? You are Not Alone….

I know we think we provide enough education in our schools and through the media, but we don’t. Everyday hundreds of young girls and women find out they are pregnant and have no where to turn. They are afraid to tell someone, their parents, their boyfriends, husbands and even Pimps. They hide their pregnancies and then deliver without any help and then abandon the babies. This doesn’t need to happen. We need to provide education in our schools and youth groups. If you work with young women, call us. We can come out and talk to your groups and leave material for them to review on their own or with their parents.

If you are pregnant and you don’t know where to turn call us. We are not a crisis pregnancy center, we can talk with you though about your options. We can help you tell your parents, or your boyfriend. If you’re not ready to have a baby, we can help you with an adoption plan.
Call us: 1 855 482 4642


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