What’s the Hardest Part of being an Adoption Facilitator?

Oh gosh, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what I do. I feel so incredibly blessed to have received this calling. I love helping to create new families. I love working with the women we work with and as I told someone once, it’s special to be a part of someones life like I get to be, it creates a bond that never goes away. What’s the hardest part? Convincing people that I’m not getting rich – constantly defending the fee that we have to charge- getting the positive word out about adoption, changing the paradigm of thinking – the hardest part though , and I feel bad about saying this out loud… is that after bonding with this baby, is saying good bye. Because I spend so much time with our expectant moms, because I care about them..I feel a loss too. I know it’s never going to compare to the loss our birth moms feel and I’m not asking for any empathy…and I do feel a great amount of joy..more than words can express. But that’s the hardest part of being an adoption facilitator for me.


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