A Great Week!

This was a great week. I got to meet one of our families and their new daughter. It was a real blessing because in January the expectant mother they had been matched with for 3 months delivered and decided to parent. Although they were sad, this couple continued to respect the expectant mothers rights to this decision. In between the end of January and this first week of May we had a couple of opportunities for them to consider but they weren’t the right ones. By this I mean..even though in the moment it may seem wrong and frustrating but sometimes a match just doesn’t work because there is a greater plan in place.
This couple found their baby this week, it was quick. They found out on Thurs and drove to meet her and the birth parents 4 days later. The families spent 3 days getting to know each other and shared tears as they said good bye. They have formed a life time bond and we all know that this beautiful baby girl is going to be loved forever. Congratulations!
We matched another family with a baby due in 13 days.
One of our families flew from Tenn to San Diego to meet with the expectant mom they matched with last month who is due in August.
One of our families had lunch with one of our new expectant mothers.
We have an expectant mom having her first Ultrasound on Monday.
Sweet Beginnings has had 8 deliveries in the last 8 months and 6 more coming up.

If you want to adopt or you are pregnant and considering an adoption plan send us an email!


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