Happy Holidays

Here we gooooo… To be honest, this time of year really isn’t my favorite. It isn’t because something horrible happened to me when I was younger. I had a really normal childhood and Christmas was big in our home. I feel bad I’m not more festive, being the mom of four kids. We do have traditions..we drive to the snow (3 hrs) every year to cut down our tree, we stop off at Apple Hill and have cider and fresh apple pie, but I’ve noticed my decorations hanging out in the box a little longer. Our first son was born just a week before Christmas , 19 years ago. Maybe that was it, nothing could ever top this gift. The other three were born in May.

We are very grateful at Sweet Beginnings Adoptions as the year comes to an end. Many of you know, I spent some time working with some other facilitators the last few years. Dean and I are thankful that we are back to working on our own and are grateful for the relationships that we have been able to establish and re-establish with other adoption professionals. We decided to bring back Sweet Beginnings Adoptions in June/July. We applied and received our bond in August and The State of California accepted our application in September. Since then we have had 2 births and have 3 more matches waiting for delivery over the next 2 months, and we’ve had many adoption situations we’ve turned away because we didn’t have a family to match with.

We have been flexible trying out different ways to accommodate our families budgets, we understand adoption is expensive. We hope the next year continues to bring us new families and healthy babies. Maybe I’ll get out the decorations today , and bake a few cookies…


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