Why is adoption so expensive?

I see this question almost daily in every adoption chat room I enter. It’s usually followed by the statement: it’s not fair that I should have to pay someone to adopt a baby or there are so many children that need good homes..why are people allowed to profit off this? Well for the most part no one is profiting, no really. Of course there are some adoption professionals whose fees are exorbitant and yes they are banking some money but for the vast- we’re just making a living, and really why shouldn’t we? Having said that I know that I probably just lost a handful or two of prospective clients, but I’m okay with that. I love what I do, I’m really good at it, and.. in the long run I volunteer more hours than most who go into an office and work 9-5 everyday. I answer emails on weekends by people who will never hire me, I take out diapers and formula at all odd hours to a mom who has nothing for her other babies. So I ask those same people..do you get paid for what you do?

There is a way to do an adoption for free and you can even receive a subsidy after the adoption to help raise the child until they are 18. Fost/adopt, but many wanting to adopt for family building purposes do not want to do foster care. The usual statement being “I couldn’t handle the risk of the child returning to his/her biological family”. This is not someone who is trying to save child who needs a home, this is someone who wants a child..and there is nothing wrong with that. It’s why I adopted, I wanted a family. There are thousands of children in the US lingering in foster care who need good homes, I know I worked in the system and some are able to adopt in as little as a yr, but you have to be willing to do certain things, accept certain things that many families wanting a baby are not. So families need to be honest with themselves when they start out. Am I adopting because there are thousands of children who need good homes OR am I adopting because I want a family, I want a baby, I want to choose the circumstances of where the child came from? That’s when you turn to Private Domestic Adoption, and that’s where you hire someone to perform a service to help you achieve your goals. And that’s what costs money.

Agencies have to hire professionals with college degrees, most times Master’s prepared, and I can tell you already, these Master’s prepared professionals are making tens of thousands less than an individual with the same amount of education in the financial world. There’s overhead – advertising, insurance etc. Facilitators although smaller have the same business expenses. I have to carry a bond, pay the State a fee, I have business insurance..and more. I had a family this week, ask me to waive my fee until placement of the infant, which was going to be in 2 months. They promised to pay me upon successful placement of the baby after the birth mom signed her consent..What was going to happen if the birth mom did not sign her consent? I’m going to be blunt here..if I was waiting to collect my fee on successful placement of the baby wouldn’t that be Baby selling? Or is it baby buying? I’m sure most would consider it selling..but I get asked to do this all the time by the same families that I see so often complaining that adoption professionals charge to much and call it baby selling. My fee is for services before the baby is born..the networking, showing profiles, answering emails and phone calls, facilitating all the communication not for the successful placement.


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