Who am I and what do I do?

My name is Lisa and I have been involved in adoption for 19 yrs. That was how long ago it was when my husband and I decided to adopt our first child. We had been married for 4 years and were not able to conceive. We tried artificial insemination and IVF twice. When that didn’t work I looked into adoption, talked my husband into it and 19 years later we are rich in family with 4 children. Our children are 18, 17, 17 and 7. I’ve been blessed by being able to work in adoption, using our experiences as a family. I have worked in child welfare, and  have been a foster parent. I lead support groups for parents of special needs children, teach classes on parenting the adopted child and have lead full day workshops on all different topics involving foster care and adoption issues. I am an RN and  worked as a labor and delivery nurse for many years, and I have been successfully facilitating adoptions now for 6 years. Adoption has changed so much even over the last 5- 10 years. There are different ways to adopt, different professionals to use and it can be very overwhelming for a family new to the process. I am a runner, I run 1/2 marathons and I have walked several full marathons. I’m presently training to do a full marathon on my birthday this year in October. I spend a lot of time by myself during training and thought about writing a book about adoption. There are so many books out there right now, many of them have great information, and many more- that offer information based on theory and not real life. So I wanted to write a book, but then I had to be realistic, I am raising 4 children and running a business that takes up a lot of my time, how could I get out the information that I want so many people to have more quickly , I also needed to remember that although I had all this great information and experience to share, I’m not a writer…than I thought BLOG. This could be a place I could write once or twice a week, place my thoughts down and share with others quickly and in an informal way. So here I am. I plan to write candidly and truthfully. I hope the information I provide is educational and useful. I hope those of you who read it share with friends. My greatest hope is this: That adoption is someday considered a “normal” way for family building and that adoption is honored and cherished and not looked upon as a second choice.


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